Dave Chappelle Predicted Obama’s 2015 SOTU Address 10 Years Ago

More proof that Dave is a genius! President Obama discussed a lot of important – and talked-to-death – stuff in his State of the Union address this week.

Obama hit on the United States doing great in terms of battling the Islamic State terrorists in Iraq and Syria and the economy is thriving, etc.

He also left out quite a lot of equally (maybe even more) important stuff such as rape on campus and the CIA torture report – but that, it seems, is OK as long as the U.S. is advancing in space exploration.


Well, Dave Chappelle knew Obama would say this all along – and by “all along” we mean 10 years ago.

The clip posted above is from an episode of Chappelle’s Show from April 2004. However, while watching it you’ll feel as if you’re listening to Obama’s SOTU speech from Tuesday all over again.

We always knew Chappelle was a genius.  

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