Cop Arrives To Disband Rowdy Teens But Ends Up In A Dance-Off

A very refreshing change of pace. Some things need to be seen to be believed.

There have been so many stories about police brutality, unlawful arrests, and unjust killings lately that it is immensely refreshing to see a story like this one appear.

According to The Washington Post, a D.C. police officer attempted to dispel a group of teenagers that were congregating in the aftermath of a fight. 

One of the girls approached the officer and started to play the “Watch Me Whip” song from her smartphone. Rather than getting angry the officer simply smiled and said, “Oh I have much better dance moves than that.”

What followed is 56 seconds of awesome.

The officer in question refused to be named because she did not want the story to become all about her.

“It’s kind of embarrassing that this became so big,” she said in an interview with The Washington Post. “This is what we do every day.”

Marinos Marinos, The D.C. police union secretary, agreed with this officer’s sentiments.

““We are humans just like everyone else,” Marinos said. “Everyday we come in contact with thousands of citizens and almost all of them have positive outcomes.”

The entire exchange between the officer and these young D.C. residents ended in smiles and hugs, not in bullets and death.

There have been so many negative cop stories that it is wonderful to see a story like this break through. One can only hope that this becomes the rule rather than the exception in the years to come. 

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