Dead Raccoon Gets Exceptional Memorial On The Streets Of Toronto

A roadkill quickly turned into a roadside shrine after a raccoon was found dead on a Toronto street. The poor creature even got its own hashtag.

Conrad the raccoon may have died helpless and alone on a sidewalk in Toronto, Canada, but his memory will not be forgotten anytime soon – thanks to some good Samaritans who paused to honor this little fellow.

As the story goes, someone found a lifeless raccoon at a corner of a street early morning and notified the city’s contact center, asking them to pick up the dead animal.

Despite the Contact Center’s promise, no one arrived to pick up the body. However, someone else decided to leave an anonymous message.


Raccoon update: he's still here. Someone has written him a card.

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Few more hours passed by and yet, no one from animal services showed up. The deceased raccoon – later dubbed Conrad – was still lying on the sidewalk when someone with a sense of humor started to create a shrine.

It all started with a note that read: “Rest dear raccoon. Help is one the way from the city,” followed by a rose and a photo, then a card – because people apparently have framed pictures of raccoons lying around.

The shrine continued to grow over time and eventually, the dead raccoon spawned its own hashtag #DeadRacoonTO, which soon began to go viral.


Raccoon update: he's still here. People have set up a memorial, some leaving farewell messages.

A photo posted by Emily Taylor (@emilyjs5) on

The cards and roses continued to pile up. Someone even left a cigarette in its paw.

Even City Councilor Norm Kelly decided to join in:

Meanwhile, some people were extremely disgusted with the whole thing.

City of Toronto workers arrived to remove Conrad just before midnight. They unceremoniously tossed him into a black garbage bag. However, the memorial remained.

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