Deaf Baby Ecstatic To Hear Mom's Voice For The First Time

This little adorable guy cannot contain himself as his mother's voice reaches him for the very first time.

Nine-week-old Elijah Woods was born profoundly deaf in his left ear, while his right one could only hear noise of up to 75 decibels. This meant that the precious Elijah's life had been deprived of all those sounds that everyone associates with babies; he had never heard his own giggles, the theme song from Barney and Friends, and perhaps most unfortunately, his mother's cooing.

But all of that changed when Elijah was given special hearing aids that allowed him to hear his mother for the first time. The baby, initially, is awed by the voice, and then clearly ecstatic as he wriggles his hand and laughs.

When he hits the 7-month mark, Elijah will get another hearing test while wearing the aids, so doctors could determine the extent of his hearing ability.

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