Devoted Dog Refuses To Abandon Stuck Canine Friend

His heroic efforts were not in vain. In an adorably heroic tale, a dog named Zeus did not leave the side of his fellow canine pal, Athena, for a full two days while Athena had her paw stuck in a fence and couldn’t get free.

dog, Loyal dog zeus

Athena had tried to jump a chain-link fence when one of her feet became stuck. According to Karen Hirsch of the Lifeline Animal Project, Zeus barked nonstop until someone finally came to help his female buddy out.

Workers from the Lifeline Animal Project in Athens, Georgia, arrived at the scene when they received a call about the situation. They freed Athena, to whom Zeus clearly had a close, personal attachment: “He cried and barked so loudly when we took her back to the vet trailer for treatment that we had to bring him back and put him in the cage beside her."

The Lifeline Animal Project is now attempting to find a home for both dogs together, which shouldn’t be too difficult considering their dispositions and amazing sense of loyalty. 

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @FashionOverNews

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