Did These 5 Houses Go A Bit Overboard With The Christmas Lights?

We appreciate the effort but maybe it's time to tone it down just a tad.

Creating the perfect home Christmas display is one of the most challenging tasks of the holiday season. Many of us can sympathize all too easily with the iconic Clark Griswald as he struggled to light and decorate his home just right and impress his neighbors in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Let's face it, most of us can barely manage to get the plastic Santa Claus onto the roof without breaking our necks, and hardly any of us can understand how freaking Marge and Dale from down the street manage to erect a freaking Northern Lights of Christmas wonderment year after year. 

This list goes out to all the Marges and Dales in the world. Thank you for making our Christmas so magical, but you know, feel free to tone it down a bit next year.

An Honest-To-Goodness "Star Wars" Themed Choreographed Light Show

This may not be the most traditional Christmas house on the list, but it makes it for sheer dedication and technical perfection. Combine that with The Force Awakens opening around Christmas this year and it all adds up to the best Star Wars Christmas since the special that must not be named.

Less Is More? Not This Christmas! 

home christmas display

If you're into staring directly at exploding fireworks that are only 10-15 feet away from your face then this is the house for you!

Apparently the owner of this pad couldn't bear the guilt of leaving a single strand of lights in the store before checking out and this is the, admittedly pretty, result. 

This house also has visitors donate to a charity every year which is also very cool.

Who Says Only Big Houses Can Do Christmas? 

home christmas lights

These row houses decided to  celebrate the iconic Virginia/Maryland/D.C. architecture that makes them what they are by pulling a combined Christmas display that could make any traditional house feel inferior. 

No joke here. This is what Christmas is all about people. Talk to your neighbors for crying out loud.

Cover ALL The Surface Area! 

home christmas lights display

Even the camera seems to be struggling to capture the thousands of lights on this house. 

I think if you stare at this long enough you're supposed to be able to see a rocket ship or something.

You Know What? Just Forget The House All Together This Year

christmas display

These owners apparently set out to prove that sometimes the best house is no house when it comes to Christmas

And, to be fair, when you add up the cost of all those inflatables it's probably about the same as a nice single-story with a partially finished basement. 

So it all evens out. Merry Christmas everyone! 

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Banner Image Credit: 001fja on Flickr 

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