Did This Nightclub Really Reject A Job Applicant Due To Her Race?

A Birmingham nightclub claims a disgruntled ex-employee is responsible for sending a discriminatory message to a Black job applicant.

How would you feel if you inquired about a job opportunity and got told directly that the establishment wasn't looking to hire people of your ethnicity

Furious, outraged, disappointed, angry, down right flabbergasted....to name a few initial reactions that come to mind for me and I think 24-year-old Leeta Lee of Birmingham, U.K. would agree. 

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Lee recently contacted Bambu Nightclub on Facebook and asked if they had any job openings. 

She received a response that said, "Yes but we need less Afro Caribbean Staff."

Um, say what?! 

Lee exposed the club's racist response by blasting it on Social Media.

"I could not believe my eyes. It was blatant racism and clearly discriminatory," Lee reportedly said. 

"I didn’t sleep that night because I was just in complete shock. I couldn’t believe in this day and age I was being ruled out of a job based on my race."

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Representatives from the establishment spoke out to defend the issue, blaming the response on a former employee who still had access to the club's official Facebook. They released a statement that said, 

"First and foremost we’d like to apologize to Leeta Lee for the very inappropriate reply she received to a vacancy request. We have stringent procedures in place with regards to our social media accounts and passwords associated to these. Unfortunately we were not able to apply these before a former employee managed to access our account."


Evening folks. First and foremost we'd like to apologise to Leeta Lee for the very inappropriate reply she received to...

Posted by Bambu Birmingham on  Monday, September 7, 2015

Hmm...their defense is possible, but a little far fetched. Are we calling B.S. on this one? 


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