Here’s How Cops Came Together To Help This Little Girl In Distress

A disabled girl was forced to use a skateboard to get around places after her special wheelchair was stolen by thieves right before Thanksgiving.

Four-year-old Milagros Perez was born without legs and used a specially adapted wheelchair to move around. However, after her wheelchair was stolen from her family’s California home, Perez has been moving around on a skateboard.

Her mother was extremely distressed about the situation and police didn't immediately apprehend any of the thieves. That's when the kind officers from the Santa Ana Police Department decided to start a fundraiser to help Milagros’ family buy a new wheelchair, and also made her holidays special by surprising her with a huge Christmas tree and Thanksgiving dinner.

As the fundraising efforts and officers’ kind deeds were featured on NBC 4, a kind lady, Joye Brandman of the nonprofit Saul Brandman Foundation donated $10,000 to the girl for a new wheelchair.

“What better gift can I give myself for the holidays than to reach out to help this child?” Brandman said as she handed over a check to Milagros' family in the presence of SAPD.

To the little girl's parents, she added: “You are remarkable. God is watching over you. I hope I am your angel this holiday season, and I admire you very much for what you are doing for this child.”
Milagros mother, who has set up a GoFoundMe page to raise money for her daughter's wheelchair, burst into tears as she was overwhelmed by the strangers' act of kindness.

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