This Weird Discovery Commercial Reminds Us Of The Good Old Days


As ridiculous as this ad from 1999 may seem, it reminds us of the good old days of Discovery Channel and how informative it used to be. These were times when we ‘discovered’ something new by watching the channel.

Here’s what Redditors have to say about it:

“This was back when Discovery channel was actually pretty good,” says ThreeBrownSpindles.

We can all relate to meltedlaundry, “It really is a shame that almost all of the previously genuinely informative channels now are basically reality tv generators. Whenever I feel the urge to watch nature I'll check the current listings and it's just really depressing.

One of the last few consistent, nature-based shows Animal Planet ran that I would watch was Big Cat Diaries, which was syndicated, I believe, from the BBC. That well ran dry, however, so I think even that isn't on anymore.

And yes, I realize that these channels are merely catering to what their audiences apparently want to watch (i.e. reality tv...that's most likely scripted).”

Another Redditor, grospoliner, managed to hit the nail on the head and perfectly described the current state of television. “It's ironic. They change the programming to get more views, but the viewers that watched the channel for that specific programming are there by turned off. A vicious cycle”

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