Disney Characters Get Surprising Makeover By An Artist

You’d never expect Disney characters to look like this!

Move over Disney princesses, there are some new kids on the block. Actually, it’s those same old ones with new makeovers and the transformation is really extraordinary.

Illustrated by Annie Erskine, an aspiring cartoonist, these characters have their beards removed, or in some cases added.

The results are sure to shock you, and make you wonder if this is what they actually looked under those beards.

Who would have thought the Sultan would be so young? That huge beard surely attributed to early aging, we guess.

Scar doesn’t look so scary anymore, does he? Seems quite like a lioness than a lion!

OH MY ZEUS! Is this the face behind the mighty Greek God? Quite a baby face for a man capable of unleashing wrath! Hercules still loves you, dad.

Sadly Titan doesn’t look as wise as he did with the beard and long hair. Ariel, Sebastian is the next best thing to a wise person you have now.

Interestingly, it seems people are obsessed with Disney, whether it’s getting inspired by Disney dads’ quotations or putting Disney characters into the harsh realities of the real world, people can surely not get enough of it,

More of Annie Erskine’s work can be found on her website and her Facebook page.

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