Disney Meets Pop Culture In This Ultimate Dubsmash Compilation

Dustin Hayes decided to make the most of his Disney World trip. Because why take selfies when you can compile the greatest Dubsmash video of all time?

For the initiated, Dubsmash is a mobile app that lets you create short selfie videos (kind of like vines) dubbed over with well-known audio recordings.

Each Disney character featured in the Hayes’ compilation is accompanied by a popular song or film quote that half captures, half parodies, their original story.

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For instance, Queen Elsa of “Frozen” fame gets serenaded by Hayes lipsyncing to Foreigner’s “Cold As Ice.”

Mickey Mouse, meanwhile, finds himself at the receiving end of Toni Basil’s pep number “Hey Mickey,” which might as well have been written for the main mouse himself.

Even more apt was how Hayes matched Cinderella’s stepsisters with the Lorde’s “Royals.” Because truly, was there ever a more fitting pop lyric for Drizella and Anastasia than “we’ll never be royals”?

Next we see Hayes belting it out to Rihanna’s “The Monster,” as the screen pans out to reveal that the “monster” is, in fact, Sully.

And it turns out that Pluto was, in fact, the proverbial “dog let out” the Baha Men were singing about all along. Who knew?

The best part is how well the costumers play along. Always game, those Disney actors!

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