Diver Finds Adorable Sea Lion Pup On His Kayak After He Emerges From Water (VIDEO)


Surprise, surprise!

Rick Coleman, a professional diver was night diving when he was adorably surprised by a cute sea lion pup waiting for him on his kayak.

At first, he got scared when he emerged from the waters but after sometime when Rick realized that the pup isn’t leaving any time soon and found it to be really adorable, he climbed aboard the kayak and paddled all the way back to the shore. The pup eventually went back in the water.

Luckily, Rick caught the whole scene in his GoPro! Good for us, as now we can  watch and enjoy it.  By the way, we are not the only ones, the  footage is going totally viral over the internet.

Checkout the adorable baby lion pup in the above video

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