Starbucks Craving + 'Frozen' = Magic

The new "Frozen" parody video "Do You Want To Go To Starbucks?" will have you reaching for a macchiato.

Ever since "Frozen" came out, the Internet has been treated to a nonstop roll of parody videos, almost exclusively revolving around "Let It Go." But now it's time for under caffeinated, finals-stressed students to have their turn -- and mercifully, this video takes on a new "Frozen" song.

"Do You Want to Go to Starbucks?" is music to the ears of anyone stuck in the library with dropping caffeine levels and itching for a coffee run. 

As anyone with kids under 10 in the house knows, "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" in "Frozen" is about one girl's unsuccessful entreaties to her sister to play. In the video from Point Loma Nazarene University students, the singer faces a similar uphill battle to find a Starbucks run companion.

Spoiler alert: Both songs end in tragedy. 

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