Why Is This Mobile Carrier Commercial All About Shrimp?

You've never seen shrimp cooked like this. Wireless phone commercials aren't supposed to increase our appetite for seafood, but this new one by Japanese carrier Docomo totally does.

In a bizarre new ad, a shrimp gun is used to speed-cook some raw shrimp in less than three seconds. It's all good – in fact, very interesting – to see shrimp flying out of a gun, making their way past mushroom clouds of flour, egg yolk and fire before landing on a platter.

The only problem is that the said TVC was made for the marketing benefit of Docomo's new LTE network. And last we checked, LTE networks have nothing to do with shrimp or guns. Apparently, the concept behind it was to draw a parallel between the shrimp gun's super fast cooking and Docomo's super speedy network. The narrator and the text displayed on the screen makes the idea clear, but it's in Japanese, so the rest of the world is clueless about it.

Nevertheless, the novelty in the uberfast cooking method is bringing in tons of viewers. It has already surpassed 6.5 million views within three days of its release. Check out the video above.

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