If You Buy This Magazine Today, You’ll Only Be Able To Read It 10 Years Later

May, 02, 2014: The world’s first time capsule magazine has arrived.

In what can be called an innovative way for a publication to publicize itself, DODO magazine used a “time capsule” to release its second edition.

Half of the copy will available for purchase this year while the second half will get buried in a time capsule and won't be revealed until 2024.

As a bonus, subscribers can also write a letter to their future-selves and receive it ten years later, along with the magazine.

The genre of the magazine is as fascinating as the advertising concept it has introduced. According to DODO’s official website:

“Dodo is the adventure, science and fantasy magazine you have been waiting for. This magazine is for anyone that has ever wanted a treehouse. Dodo is a time machine, a theme park, a trip to the moon, a horror story, a prehistoric site, an unsolved mystery, even a Zeppelin voyage.”

“It’s a magazine that will make you feel as if you were reading it under your sheets with a flashlight. With every passing page, you’ll leave behind everything around you as you enter your own world, a place where nothing bad can happen, where everything has yet to be discovered; a place where you had already been before but had forgotten.”

Learn more about DODO and its time capsule edition in the video above.

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