Does Kim Jong-Un's ‘Miracle’ Drug Really Cure AIDS And Ebola?

Our first reactions to another outlandish claim by North Korea's dictator Kim Jong-Un.

Kim Jong-un claims to have cured Aids, Ebola and cancer with single miracle drug

Kim Jong-Un has become a common household name as far as current dictators go. Along with his new hat that sparked much discussion: he now claims to have created a mysterious miracle drug. Are we really surprised by this outlandish claim? The answer is yes. Yes we are still stumped, disgusted and entertained by North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-Un. With little known about this new drug and the dictators use of smoke and mirrors in the media all one can really think is that if this miracle drug does really cure Aids, Ebola and cancer Kim Jong-Un probably won’t be sharing it with the citizens of North Korea.  As a magical being that doesn’t need to use the restroom, helping out the citizens of North Korea would just be too much and would mean less food for him. So here’s the best of the internet to describe our reactions to yet another crazy Kim Jong-Un accomplishment.

Q. So Kim Jong-Un, how did you go about making this drug? A. It’s very scientific you see:

Its main known ingredient is ginseng?

It can cure MERS, Ebola, AIDS and cancer...

Can it help feed the millions of people in North Korea facing famine?

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