Dog Cries To Mufassa’s Death While Watching The Lion King (VIDEO)


I remember while watching The Lion King for the first time, I started crying like crazy and stopped the movie when Mufassa died. In my second attempt at watching it, I actually forwarded the entire death scene and to be honest I still cry whenever I watch it! Not many people are unaffected by the moving scene and  this adorable little puppy in the video above is no different. You can actually see the tears in its eyes while watching the most tragic death scene ever!

It looks to its owner with looks that aren’t you going to do something? Aren’t you going to help this poor cub?

The description of the sad but cute YouTube video reads:

My 3yr old chug (pug/chihuahua mix) loves watching tv. This time she started whining while watching the lion king.

Released in 1994, The Lion King is a film that mixes together action, comedy, and drama to make itself a film that is adored by both children and adults.

This movie is unquestionable one of the best animated film of all time.

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