It’s Payback Time: Dog Snaps At Kid With "Invisible Powers"

This little dog finally had enough of the teasing and got his own kind of revenge.

In the hilarious video posted above, a naughty kid can be seen teasing a poor little dog minding its own business. Moments later, however, the situation changes when the pooch decides he has had enough of the nonsense and snaps back at the kid.

Although there is a fine thick glass door between the two, the dog's "invisible power" manages to hit the kid.

Yes, you read it right, with its "invisible power."

When the kid tries to come too close, the little dog attacks him from behind the door and somehow the kid stumbles and falls down.

The kid probably fell back because of a sudden shock, but we now know how karma can get you if you mess with a defenseless animal.

The video was recorded and uploaded on YouTube on March 3 and went viral within 24 hours – it’s that brilliant.

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