Ever Seen A Dog Hijack A Car? This Might Be The Day

April 26, 2014: Only in mother Russia can a dog play dead and steal a car.

Folks over at the automobile company Sabaru have a thing for man’s best friend. Dogs are usually featured in their commercials. Not only that, they also take pride in their ‘dog tested, dog approved’ cars.

In case you are wondering which dogs they have employed, meet the Barkley family.

The latest in the series of their dog commercials, this ad from Russia is just hilarious.

The ad features a woman driving through a deserted road in the middle of the night when suddenly a dog appears out of nowhere and plays dead in front of the car. As the poor concerned woman gets out of the car to examine the little rascal, he hijacks the car and swiftly escapes.

This cunning canine has a future in the underworld. However, from the looks of it, the dog doesn’t seem to have high ambitions. If I were a dog, I’d go for Lamborghini.

Check out this awesome dog in action:

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