This Dog Was Reunited With Its Owner After Being Missing For 5 Years

Disco the dog once was lost, but now she's found thanks to technology and fate.

It’s always such a pleasant surprise to finally find something you lost a long time ago and gave up looking for. It just pops up like a little miracle that brightens your mood.

Well, one woman received a very big surprise miracle when her dog, Disco, was returned to her after five years of being missing.

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dog reunited

Rebecca Axiak lost her dog back in 2010, but says although she didn’t expect her to come back … she never stopped looking for her.

“I always had hope that she would return, never really expecting it to actually happen,” she reportedly told Mashable.

Earlier this year, Axiak got a call from an animal hospital in Melbourne, Australia and was told Disco was there. They were able to identify her by a microchip embedded under her skin. At that time, Axiak had already thrown out all of Disco’s stuff and adopted two Maltese Terriers.

Axiak doesn’t know exactly who took care of Disco during the half a decade they were apart, but she knows she was found by an elderly couple who gave her to a younger family and they didn’t have the microchip checked.

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She ended up at the animal hospital after she was attacked by another dog and the family couldn’t afford her vet bills so they surrendered her to the hospital.

After undergoing surgery after the attack and recovering in the hospital, Disco has returned home with Axiak and the other two puppies. Axiak has to get a permit in order to keep all three dogs but she said, “I have no doubt that the permit will be approved.”

How about that for serendipity? 

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