Dog Saves Hiker Trapped Between Rocks (video)

A hiker owes his life to a dog, who discovered him trapped between two boulders after several days (video).

A man in Mt. Rubidoux, CA named Paul owes his life to a German Shepard named Mole. Mole was hiking with his human, Ramon Llamas, when he detected, through smell or hearing, a man stuck between two boulders. After some brief cajoling, Mole got Llamas to come over to Paul, who was severely dehydrated and disoriented. He had been stuck, in something close to a standing position for 4-6 days, by his own estimate. Llamas gave him water, and flagged down other hikers to help. Paul was away from any usual trails, and had he been there another day or two, it's likely he would have died.

Llamas said that Paul was very skinny, and it looked like he had been trying to dig his way out with his hand. He was brought, with the help of local firefighters to a local hospital, where he has recovered. Details about Paul are still sketchy, as he was barely conscious when he was rescued, and has not been interviewed since recovering. All we know is his name, that he's probably in his forties, and that he's alive.

Moral of the story: dogs save lives.

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