This Has To Be The Cutest Interruption To A Soccer Match

Here are two adorable puppies halting a soccer match. What ensues is just adorable.

A soccer match between Turkish team Galatasaray and Germany's VfR Aalen had some unexpected fans -  two Labrador retrievers who ran on to the field.

They bound out onto the pitch full of vigor and enthusiasm, without really knowing that they were interrupting humans in the serious business of fighting each other over a ball and trying to score some points.

The adorable interruption came in about 52 minutes into the game. At first the players didn’t know what had interrupted them and then they were at a loss as to how to react or deal with the situation.

However, the frolicking dogs, running around playing tug of war, soon won their hearts. The dogs went around the field, from player to player, almost visibly asking for some attention. Some of the players found them too cute to resist.

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For a few seconds no one seemed to care about the halted game. But officials being their serious selves, managed to catch and carry the canine darlings off the field.

The video will make any viewer's day. The interruption was unexpected and unlikely, but watching the two Labs run amuck on the field, trying to get some attention from the players, is just too endearing.

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