Dogs Shaking Their Butts To Dance Songs Is Apparently A Thing Now (Video)

Dogs apparently have learned how to do a hilarious booty-shaking dance, at least when they are being told to by pop music.

In my youthful foolishness before clicking on this video, I was fairly certain that this would be little more than a dog wagging its tail while Eminem played in the background. So why did I click? Fair question. I like dogs, Eminem is homophobic and misogynist, but also a really good rapper, and the video is under a minute, so as long as this wasn't really painfully stupid, it was a pretty low stakes click.

Dear reader, I was wrong. This is more than a tail wag. This dog is doing a serious booty dance, not quite like anything I've ever seen a dog do before. I suspect that the makers of this video put the song on in reaction to the dog, not the dog reacting to the song, but I've already been wrong about this dog video once today, and if you watched it, you are just as much an authority as I on in this important cultural contribution of our times. 
As a brief aside: the owners of the above ass-shaking dog are lucky that the dog chose that particular lyric to obey. It's one of the few things Eminem tells you to do that probably won't get you arrested.
Here's a golden retriever dancing to the Black Eyed Peas artistic atrocity, "My Humps." The golden isn't quite as enthusiastic as that little guy above, but I'm just glad that dogs dancing to butt-shaking songs is apparently a thing:

Okay, last one. I'm generally not into chihuahuas (I prefer cats to cat-sized dogs), but I'll make an exception for this fella:

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