Meet Doug – The Fabulous, Fun Loving Goat Who Is Literally A Party Animal

This adorable, furry party animal is taking social media by storm.

Doug lives life to its fullest. He eats pizza, enjoys lattes, hangs out with his cool owner and his equally cool friends on the beach, goes motor boating and does all the other fabulous stuff that everyone dreams of. 

Did we mention he's a goat? 

Doug lives in Arizona and spends most of his time chilling out, living the good life.

Luckily, his bro owner has made a point of capturing these insanely enviable everyday moments and sharing it for us, the less privileged ones, to fawn over. Doug’s Instagram account has amassed thousands of followers who adore each and every picture with equal ferocity.

 Take a look at some of the wicked snaps below:


Advanced rider hanging a hoof out. #wakesetter #boatsandgoats #goat #lakehavasu #malibu #phase5 #arizona #springbreak #swat

A photo posted by Dougthepartygoat (@dougthepartygoat) on

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Having some pizza before Kokomo #kokomo #lakehavasu #swat #canal #lake #whateverfloatsyourgoat #goat

A photo posted by Dougthepartygoat (@dougthepartygoat) on


Dougs room in Vegas while the boys are at pool party... #luxepethotel

A photo posted by Dougthepartygoat (@dougthepartygoat) on

Although this social media account popped up less than a month ago, Doug is well on his way to become an Internet celebrity.

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