Dozens Of 2nd Graders Stand In Line So Janitor Can Sign Yearbook

We hope one day to find this kind of love. Chances are that the schools you attended in the past.

The building where you work today, has a janitor (if not….we don’t really want to know how that worked out for you).


But do you know his/her name? Have you ever even spoken to the person who works hard to prevent your workplace from looking like, say, the average college freshman’s dorm room?

Probably not. Which is why we all can take a page out of these kids’ books. Or yearbooks for that matter.

The following photo has recently gone viral.

In it, dozens of elementary school students are shown lining up to get their yearbooks signed by the school custodian and janitor, Steve Weidner.

Not only do these kids really, really want a keepsake of their time with Weidner, but they’re willing to stand in line for it. Usually kids only stand in line for Taylor Swift concerts. And grown-ups? They’d sooner go without.


The Principal of Alan Shepard Elementary School, Shirley Padera, explains why the children are so fond of Weidner.

“He pays attention to the kids… he knows who they are. The kids know if anything happens, Mr. Steve is going to take care of it.”

And if you think this photo doesn’t prove how beloved Mr. Steve is, mull over this: The school has only 104 enrolled second-graders. At least half were shown waiting in line in the photo. The other half? Already got Mr. Steve’s autograph.

“He goes above and beyond. He’s loved by all the students and the teachers. He’s great!”

It’s official. Mr. Steve’s a rockstar.

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