Dr. Saves Baby, Baby Saves Dr., 30 Years Later

In a crazy twist of fate, these two have each other to thank.

Chris Trokey, Dr. Michael Shannon, Rescue, Firefighter,

No one would have ever thought that the doctor who saved a premature baby, would be rescued by that same baby, 30 years down the road.

When Chris Trokey was born 30 years ago, he weighed only 3.2 lbs and had only a 50% chance of surviving. His doctor, Dr. Michael Shannon, worked endless hours trying to save the baby. 

With all his hard work, Chris Trokey survived, only to save Dr. Shannon years later.

In 2011, Dr. Shannon was pinned inside a burning vehicle, with almost no chance of escaping. Luckily, a firefighter came to his rescue. 

That firefighter was Chris Trokey, who had absolutely no idea that the person he rescued was so special.

When Chris went to visit the man he rescued in the car fire in the hospital, he realized that this wasn't just any man he rescued. It was Dr. Shannon, the pediatrician who had saved his life from the very beginning.

The two are now good friends, and Chris Trokey brings his own son to be seen by Dr. Shannon when he is sick.

What an inspirational story!


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