Drop Test: iPhone 5s Is More Durable Than 5c (Video)


People have always been interested in knowing about the durability of their smartphones. After all when you spent so much money in buying these latest marvels of science, you are obviously curious about its strength to fight all the unfavorable situations that might hit it.

Apple launched iPhone 5c and Iphone 5s this year. So, the guys at TechSmartt decidedto check their durability by using some unscientific drop tests on both the handsets while keeping them in their official Apple cases.

The iPhone 5s passed all the drop tests perfectly but unfortunately we can’t say this for 5c.It turned out that iPhone 5s is more durable than 5c.

After watching the video you’ll make sure that your precious gadget is always in its case.

You have to see what happened to iPhone 5c in the video above.

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