Drunk Australian Pig Has 18 Beers, Fights Cow

A feral pig downed 18 beers in western Australia, and gets into a fight with a cow. What more can be said?

Some people have wild weekends, while others have their wild weekends taken from them.  One wild boar had a combination of both in western Australia this weekend.  A campsite discovered that the feral pig went on a drinking binge, downing three six-packs of beer.  The drunk pig was later seen fighting a cow for some reason, then ended up sleeping underneath a tree.  All in all, a very typical bender for a human, translated into a pig.

The incident occurred this weekend outside the coastal town of Port Hedland in what is known as the Pilbara, a very dry region in the state of Western Australia.  The campers one night were alerted to the sound of a crunching noise, and when they shone a light on the feral pig, it was shown to be eating a beer can.  It was later discovered that the pig had not only downed that beer, but 18 cans of beer total.  The feral pig later went after a bunch of trash bags in the nearby trash bin, rummaging for food.

After this, the feral drunk pig, in its stupor, wandered aimlessly around the campsite, picking a fight with a cow at some point.  The pig then ran around a camper's vehicle, trying to avoid the cow.  Following this, the feral drunk pig went across a river, where it hid underneath a log to sleep off the imminent massive hangover that was about to happen.  It then trundled around the campsite area before disappearing.

The local park service, Main Roads, is seeking the drunk pig, in the hopes of euthanizing it:  Feral pigs are seen as an invasive pest in Australia, due to the various diseases they carry and voraciously eating the local crops.  Main Roads suggest campers properly lock up their food and drink, and report any feral pigs to the authorities upon sighting them.  That last part I cannot say I agree with though: Those campers, while they lost a lot of food, probably had the most exciting entertainment that weekend.

(Media Sources:  Main Roads Pilbara, Flickr: sillypucci)

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