These Annoying Cinema Goers Makes Us Want To Flip Out

May, 13, 2014: These are the kind of people which make our blood boil.

Now here’s the thing. Annoying movie theater stereotypes are a palpable albeit an undesirable reality. We all hate them, but we can’t really get rid of them. The team at Dude Perfect, in its latest video, attempts to reintroduce these obnoxious critters, and it is hilarious.  

There’s no greater moment of sheer excruciating agony than to be able to finally get a chance to watch that highly anticipated flick, only to find yourself in the midst of these loonies. Your experience then becomes no more than an act of survival against the odds.

Whether it is laughing aloud or munching aloud or speaking aloud or snoring aloud, any activity that distracts us is an abomination.

There are some people we love to hate – like Justin Beiber and George Bush – and there are these guys which we just hate.

Although this video is considerably comprehensive, there are a few types which are left out who do not deserve to be left out. Here are some of the additions to the list:

The Commentator: These self-proclaimed movie critics are nothing more than play-by-play announcers. This is a theater, not a football match. Go try out in the NFL

The Questioner: How can they be forgotten? Why were they not included? Is this whole thing a joke? I want my money back.

The Cozy Couple: These huddlers and cuddlers always manage to find some shady corner to make out. You guys are not cute. Their mushy smooches will compel even Gandhi to abandon his principles of non-violence.

The one who’s constantly babbling: I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. But I will find you, and I will kill you.

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