This 11-Year-Old’s Drawings Will Leave You Stunned

Artwork from this 11-year-old boy from Serbian boywill leave you stunnedis spellbinding.

DusanKrtolica may just be 11-years-old but his drawings leave grown artists stunned. He started drawing when he was just two and creative genius just oozes fromhis work.

His pen and pencil drawings are detailed and intricate with the subjects mainly being  pre-historic animals and insects or legendary knights.  His knowledge of his subjects is as stunning as the quality of his art.

Krtolicahas already had three national solo exhibitions to his name.

He knows all the 65 species of marsupials and can effortlessly name them all. His parents, fully supportive of his creativity, bought him the most comprehensive encyclopedia of animals and it took him less than three weeks to learn it word for word. “I would have studied animals and published a book about them, but I’m going to draw all of them,” he says.

He says his first drawing looked like a whale. “My parents did not pay much attention to it, but later I began to draw more and more and I started to use huge amounts of paper a day and then they realized that I had talent.”

It really boggles the mind to see such a young child churn out one masterpiece after another. His grip on art as well as the knowledge he has only shows he is a born genius.

One is not surprised over his ambition to become a Zoologist when he grows up.

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