OOPS! Dutch Reporter Falls In Water During Interview

A Dutch reporter took a tumble in the water during an interview and had to be saved.

A Dutch reporter, Martje Oesterholt, had to be saved from the water with the help of a lifesaver when she fell in the water during an interview.

Oesterholt was interviewing Bort_Koelewijn, the mayor of Kampen, Netherlands when she took a tumble in the water as she was settling herself after introducing the mayor.

Doubts were raised about the authenticity of the video when it was revealed that Oesterholt is a tourism marketing consultant working on the promotion of Sail Kampen, Kampen’s huge Easter music festival.

Sure she could have fallen in the water but thanks to Kimmel’s twerking girl on fire prank cynicism we all know that it’s highly unlikely. Real or not, the video still makes for one totally ridiculous and hilarious news blooper and we should all see it. Check out the video for Dutch reporter falling in water during interview fail above.

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