Dying Child Gets His Last Wish For His Parents

And it's beautiful. A dying child had one wish-for his parents to get married before he died.

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Corey Edwards was diagnosed with a complex congenital heart defect when he was just a baby. The youngster went through many extensive surgeries throughout his life, and it finally came time that the doctors told his parents that he wouldn't live much longer.

Corey's parents have never gotten married. They had been engaged for three years but became so busy with the birth of their daughters and taking care of Corey that they didn't have time to plan the wedding.

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As Corey became more ill, he requested that his last wish was to have his parents get married-and see it.

The parents worked with hospital staff and many other caring individuals to make the wedding happen at Corey's beside, as he was unable to leave the hospital.

The wedding was beautiful and all parties were very emotional that their son's wish was granted.

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