El Chapo's Rich Kids Spark Instagram War Between Other Narcos

Cierra Bailey
Narcos kids throughout Mexico are trying to outshine El Chapo's spoiled offspring by sharing photos of their lavish lifestyles on social media.

It all started when the fruit of El Chapo's loins made headlines flaunting their ridiculous wealth all over social media. 

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Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman is the world's most wanted drug lord, as he escaped from a maximum security prison earlier this year. 

Although he's wanted for running one of the largest, most dangerous drug cartels in the world, his four children have no problem exploiting the wealth obtained from their dad's illegal activities. 

Now, young people from other cartels are joining in on the action posting pictures of money, guns, luxury cars and riches under the hashtags #narcos and #narcostyle

FYI: For the rookies who aren't up on cartel lingo, "narco" is a slang term for drug dealers. 


Gracias Por La Foto @jaytwenty_8 #gucci #rolex #a #la #moda #viejon #narco #cartel #cds #cdg #al #cien #pariente #narcostyle

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The flashy pics have started a war of sorts, each group trying to outshine the other with how disgustingly wealthy they are. 



no falta el dinero  pa cuidarse el cuero?? #Corridos #Rolex #narcostyle

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Y seguimos #narcocorridos#narcostyle#siguenos

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thats how I roll #narcostyle lol #corruptcountybrand

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As if the world really needed an additional reminder that praises of corruption and narcissism are thriving in the social media realm.