Elderly Couple Makes Emergency Call To Cops For A Very Sad Reason

A police officer in Manchester just did something that will stay with this elderly couple forever.

Elderly Couple

Police constable Stu Ockwell was going about his job, responding to emergency calls when he received one from the house of an elderly couple, Fred and Doris Thomson, in Manchester, U.K.

Police constable Stu Ockwell

Getting a call from 95-year-olds made him think something bad might have happened to one of them, but upon reaching their house he realized that all they needed was really someone to talk to.

Fred was blind and his wife Doris was having a hard time looking after him, due to which she had called the emergency services “in desperation.”

The constable then had tea with them and chatted for a while as the couple narrated war stories to him and generally talked a lot to beat their loneliness.

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“It was a nice change to have somebody to talk to,” Fred told ITV News. “I was very pleased to know there was help about and pleased to talk to them because sometimes you can be a bit isolated as you get older but they made me feel at home.”

In a similar incident in October, a 95-year-old man named Bill from Southampton called a BBC radio station, telling the host he was feeling lonely after his wife was taken into a nursing home. The radio station went on to carry out a heart-warming act and invited him over for coffee. 

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