Elderly Couple Helping A Man With His Tie Wins Over The Internet

Simple acts of kindness can go a long way and this elderly couple has proved just that.

elderly couple help a man with his tie

A picture uploaded on Facebook, showing an elderly couple help a man with his tie has gained immense popularity, with around 140,000 shares.

A simple act of kindness between strangers recorded online has touched thousands around the world.

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The photo was taken by Redd Desmond Thomas in Hopkins, Minnesota. The photo shows a young man apparently struggling with his tie being helped by an elderly couple who intervened to help him out.

Thomas goes on to explain how the touching scene took place. The old gentlemen moved over to the youngster to take him through a step by step process of doing his tie and then even made him redo the steps himself in order to ensure he had learned how to tie the knot on his own. The young man seemed to be very pleased with his encounter has he figured out how to create the perfect necktie knot. 

The incident goes to show that small acts of kindness can indeed go a long way.

People are posting comments on the photo, and one of them says:

"Imagine how many lives we can touch and differences we all could make if we just sacrificed a few minutes of our time for someone in need. It goes beyond putting up a country’s flag and mourning the dead… it starts in our very own communities."

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