This May Be The Coolest Elderly Couple On The Planet

June 26, 2014: Check out what happened when the Internet stumbled upon this awesome photo.

Hilarious Photoshop Battle

What would you do if your car flipped while going round the corner? Surely taking a photograph with your wife trapped inside would be the last thing on your mind.

This was not the case for the 87-year-old Benjamin Neufeld who posed at the side of the car with his 85-year-old wife still trapped inside the vehicle.

"It didn't skid, it didn't slide, it didn't bounce, it just fell over," explained Mr. Neufeld.

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When the neighbors rushed to the elderly couple’s aid, they were surprised to see Mrs. Neufeld sitting calmly in the overturned car and her husband posing next to it.

Ryan Steinberg, one of the neighbors who rushed to aid, told the media, "She's trapped in the car, it's on its side...and out came the cameras. She grabs her cell phone and starts texting people and takes a little selfie of herself."

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The Internet was amused. Their picture made rounds before landing in the hands of the hounds over at Reddit, who Photoshopped the picture to oblivion. We present to you some of the most hilarious results:  

Hilarious Photoshop Battle

This lady is taking a picture with a pair of pants.

Hilarious Photoshop Battle

It seems this man had a history of crashing cars and taking pictures.

Hilarious Photoshop Battle

Can you see where the woman is?

Hilarious Photoshop Battle

I don’t even…I can’t even. Forget it!

Hilarious Photoshop Battle

Showing off his fashion sense in Milan…

Hilarious Photoshop Battle

Sir, your fly is open.

Hilarious Photoshop Battle

Well that escalated quickly.

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