Age Is Just a Number And These Line Dancers Prove That

May, 26, 2014:Their advancing years of these line dancers haven't let them slow down one bit.

Videos floating around online have proved that you're never too old to bust a move. If you feel like shakin’ it, age is nothing but a number.

No one epitomizes this better than the elderly group of line dancers featured in the video above. A cursory look at this bunch would tell you that these guys are well past their prime and should be nowhere near a dance floor. However, when given just a few seconds to show their skills, their moves will have you mesmerized.

Their movements are extremely well synchronized, and their flexibility can put dancers half their age to shame.

Even more amazing is that the star dancer of the group is also the oldest of them all. He is the Caucasian dude who is the focus of the camera too. The grey haired fella is quite possibly in his 60s, but he hasn't let his advancing years slow him down or go out of sync.

In the video posted above, they can be seen dancing to Anthony Hamilton and Jill Scott's neo soul hit, So In Love.

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