Ellie Goulding Bashes London's Insensitive Homeless Ads

British singer Ellie Goulding said she was none too happy about London's ad campaign that suggests giving money to the homeless leads to death.

According to London’s new anti-begging ad-campaign, giving money to the homeless is equivalent to being a killer’s accomplice.

If the above sentence confused and disturbed you, congratulations! Your reactions are in line with the rest of us who have hearts. 

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The new poster ads are displayed at bus stops and phone boxes throughout the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, a very affluent community.

They read, “Please Don’t Contribute To A Person’s Death” with a photo of a pair of hands reaching out.

The statement implies that money given to the homeless is likely to be used for alcohol and drugs, thus leading to their deaths.

British singer Ellie Goulding voiced her disapproval of the campaign on Twitter.

"Many of those begging use the money to fund their drug and alcohol habits rather than use it to buy food or to access accommodation," The Chelsea Borough Council reportedly said in defense of the ads.

"Only a small minority of the most prolific beggars in Kensington and Chelsea are actually homeless. Most have accommodation available to them either within the borough or elsewhere in London."

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Perhaps the council has a point about where the money goes when given directly into the hands of the homeless, but going as far as to make people feel like they are "contributing to death" when they lend a helping hand is just outrageous.  

Despite the council’s defense and its boasts of other, more effective outreach methods other Twitter users echoed Goulding’s feelings about the insensitive campaign.

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