Elon Musk Tells College Graduates His Secrets To Success

Visionary business leader Elon Musk offers up a roadmap for success in brief commencement speech.

When Elon Musk first started out in business, he slept in his rented office and had just one computer he shared with his brother in order to save money. Musk recounted the story during the speech he delivered at the University of Southern California's Marshall School undergraduate commencement ceremonies May 16.

The man who helped launch SpaceX, Tesla Motors and PayPal also urged the graduating students to work hard and to take chances while they're still young, observing that taking risks later in life becomes more difficult as family obligations increase. Musk, who recently announced plans to offer trips to Mars by 2020, also advised students to draw lessons from the world of physics, referencing "first principles" in deciding a particular course of action.

To hear more from Musk's address, click on the video above.

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