Elon University Seniors Recreate Shot-For-Shot ‘Friends’ Intro Theme (VIDEO)


The introduction for “Friends” was as iconic as the program itself. Even kids who are graduating college today recognize the popular 90′s sitcom and appreciate its awesomeness.

In order to give a special touch to graduation celebrations, a group of  ‘friends’ from Elon University decided to recreate the sitcom’s introduction to cherish their friendship forever. Sounds great, right?

According to some sources, the students did such a great job, Allee Willis, the author of the song I’ll Be There For You, even contacted David Gwynn to let him know that a great job he and his buddies did on the recreation. He posted on the YouTube video, “I wrote I’ll Be There For You. Excellent job!”

Also, the video has gone viral, has received over 125,000 hits! Cool, isn’t it?

You can watch it in the video above.

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