This Ad Will Leave You Longing For A Child


Anybody who is not a father or a mother can never understand the wonders of parenthood, but a new ad can give people an insight to this magical world.

Coca Cola’s new ad celebrates parents and the bond that they share with their children. It features two parents and their toddler, the special moments between them, the rigors of being a parent, and ultimately the rewards.

The advert shows that while parenthood is an absolute joy, like all the good things in life, it also has its downside. For example, a child constantly wanting to cuddle under the sheets, between both parents, disrupts the sex life of a couple.

Also, dad would not be too thrilled over having toys flung all over the living room as he tries to meet the crucial deadline for his work annual report.

Children may be a source of tremendous agitation, but only they evoke the sentiments shown in this tear-jerking video.

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