Parrot Chooses Zoologist As Partner For Life

June 6, 2014: This parrot shows that when a species is critically endangered, it will do anything to survive.

This video will definitely be the highlight of your day.

Zoologist Mark Carwardine was busy filming a rare flightless bird called kakapo in New Zealand for a 2009 wildlife documentary, Last Chance To See, alongside actor Stephen Fry.

Things got a little awkward when the endangered parrot clambered onto the conservationist’s shoulders and started rubbing its body against his head as though attempting a mating ritual.

Fry, who was standing beside Carwardine, decided to make the most of the rare encounter by narrating it in his serious yet scrumptious baritone voice.

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I'm sorry but this is one of the funniest things I've ever seen," Fry exclaimed. "You are being shagged by a rare parrot."

When the parrot refused to come off the Carwardine’s shoulders, his colleague added, “He’s really going for it!”

Although the incident was hilarious, the wildlife expert got a little injured by the huge claws of the big bird that spent around two-minutes stuck on the back of his neck.

Ladies and gentlemen you've a television first. You’ve seen Mark Carwardine, who has devoted his life to conserving animals, actually taking an active part in the conservation and breeding of a whole new generation of a whole new species,” Fry commented while the zoologist laughed along.

 Meet the world’s friskiest endangered kakapo in the video above.

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