Epic Battle Between Harry Potter VS Star Wars

April 29, 2014: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a battle of epic proportions on our hands – Star Wars VS Harry Potter.

In the epic battle between Jedis VS. Wizards, who emerges victorious? It’s a tough call. It is a weighty question that requires much erudition and reasoned deliberation.  An answer that is devoid of personal opinion and bias. (Yeah, right!)

This is a battle that can send Star War and Harry Potter devotees into hysteria as they attempt to muse over the possible outcome.

Two friends decide to put just that to the test. As they contend for sci-fi domination, we see a Jedi fight a Wizard to end the argument forever. We get to catch glimpses of two supremely glorious worlds meet together to battle it out. We see light sabers, wands and brooms all in one 3 minute clip! Does it get any better than that?

Directed by Danny & Michael Philippou, the plot is intelligent and quirky. The producers have made profound use of CGI effects to create impressive references to the plots of both Star Wars and Harry Potter and deliver spot on sound effects.

What was the best about this video, in our opinion? The reference to Harry Potter’s father and Gandalf from LOTR did it for us.

This whacky video is terribly good and will send you into fits of silly laughter. Warning: It is highly addictive.

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