This Epic Instrument Battle Will Leave You Mesmerized

Behold this epic battle between female musicians trying to outdo each other.

A competitive streak is a good thing to have, but the musicians in this video have taken it to the next level. It will leave you awe struck yet laughing at the same time, something that is indeed quite rare.  

Each one of these musicians is extremely talented and they know it. The problem is there are four of them on stage at the same time and each one is trying to outdo the other.

Though you know it’s all an act, you can’t help try to pick the best of the lot. Sounds simple, but isn’t that easy. . You keep vacillating from one to the other and the next.

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The pianist seems to be the only one playing on to accompany the other three – until she decides to jump in the battle and leave her own mark and boy does she manage to hit the right tune.

They skillfully take you to a crescendo that leaves you holding your breath and then delight you with an end note that will have you standing up and clapping with all your might.

One can only imagine how mesmerizing these ladies will be live. The great truth is that there is no dearth of talented musicians out there and a huge number are hardly recognized.

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