Everyone Needs To Read This Mother's Heartbreaking Message On Drugs

After what happened to her son, this woman had a strong message.

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Kelly Smith-Miller wanted to show the world what happens when your kids do drugs. And believe it or not, she was somewhat lucky.

When Kelly's 18-year old son Brayden Travis overdosed on heroin and Xanax, he almost died. 

Currently, Brayden, who suffered a stroke and brain damage once he fell into a coma, is still trying to recover. Although every day he is getting a little bit better, doctors don't think he will make it past a vegetative state.

His mother took it upon herself to share with others what she is going through:




I normally don't share or discuss personal issues on FB, however I feel this is necessary due to the nature of this...

Posted by Kelly Smith-Miller on Thursday, March 12, 2015


Kelly's post was extremely brave, and now it is going viral. It shows what 'one little hit' did to her happy son. It also talks about how in some cases, marijuana can lead to taking other, dangerous drugs. 

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With certain drugs taking over teens in some parts of the country, parents need to do everything they can to talk to their kids about the dangers of drugs, especially heroin. 

A post such as this one should do the trick.


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