Hillsides, Sonograms And Other Absurd Places Where People Found Jesus

As some would say, these holy sightings prove that Lord works in mysterious ways.

Miracle' face of Jesus appears in South American landslide

A landslide in San Francisco area of Putumayo, Colombia, resulted in a “miraculous” appearance of Jesus – or at least an impression of Jesus’ face – on a muddy hillside. 

As expected, the believers considered it a holy miracle and  flocked to witness it. In fact, the crowd of worshippers got so large that police had to be brought in to manage it.

However, as mystical as people believe this incident to be, it is not the first time when someone has spotted the face of Christ on things least expected. Some have described these instances as a miracle while others consider them quite eerie.

From pancakes and Kit Kats to bottle caps and burnt iron, below are some of the most bizarre places where people have found Jesus.

The pizza crust that is holier than thou

 jesus in food

Inside the cap of a marmite bottle

jesus face in coffee

A holy imprint on the Kit-Kat wafer

Face of Jesus in a Chocolate Bar

This torn piece of cloth – presumably a curtain

jesus face cloth

He appeared as a burnt stain on an iron

Jesus on iron

The grilled cheese sandwich, also known as “Grilled Cheesus.”

Jesus on a grilled cheese sandwic

Jesus appeared on a wooden panel

Jesus Image in Knot of Wood

Face of Christ in breakfast bacon and egg taco

Jesus Appear In Food

This divine piece of nan bread  

Jesus Appear on nan bread

Someone even spotted Him in a sonogram

Jesus face in sonogram

Last but not the least

The sacred pancake  

Face of Jesus appears on pancake

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