7 Pictures Proving That Dogs Hate Taking A Bath

May, 28, 2014: "Wet Dogs" is a photo series revolving around canines caught mid-bath.

French photographer Sophie Gamand has spent her last few years taking pictures of dogs as part of a research project. The photographic study focuses on proving that due to their domestication, dogs have stopped being animals and now possess more human traits than canine ones.

One segment of the study focused on snapping pictures of our four-legged friends midway through a bath, which is of course their least favorite activity. Through this photo series titled "Wet Dogs," Gamand is trying to show how similar the canines' personalities have become to ours, their facial expressions have a wide variety of emotions, something you don't associate with wild animals. Check these out:

"Dogs mirror us and say a lot about our own solitude and the challenges we face in human society," Gamand told FeatureShoot.com. "To think dogs were the first example of artificial selection is fascinating. That means they stopped being animals a long time ago, in my opinion. Now they are somewhat between animals and humans. They are pets. Companions."

The photo series went viral soon after she posted it online and has since gone on to win the first prize in the Portraiture category at the professional Sony World Photography Awards. This canine loving photog is now working on a book dedicated to the Wet Dog series, and it's scheduled to come out in 2015.

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