Fake 3d Flight And Apartment Video Fools People On The Internet (VIDEO)

What if someone tells that you can get some really nice apartment at a very low cost in Russia?

The first question that’ll pop in your mind would be… what’s the catch?
If you are a risk taker by nature and can bear the fear of being hit by the plane at anytime, any second of the day then you should definitely buy an airy flat in the apartments shown in the video above.

But here’s a little detail. The plane shown in the video above is a fake 3d plane and here’s what people are talking about it on the internet.


fake, 3d plane.


Lol I'm pretty gullible, I believed it.


Looks like Al Qaeda's pilots aren't what they used to be.


Reminded me of the old Hong Kong airport, it was in the center of Kowloon city and once known as the most dangerous airport in the world.


This is fake. look at the front wheel, there is absolutly no detail to the underside of the plane and flaps were up.

The video above trending on Reddit was able to fool a lot of people and most of us believed what the creators showed us in the video.

Were you fooled by it or you guessed that the plane was fake? Let us know with your comments.

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