Watch Family's Hilarious Reaction To Finding Bears In Their Pool

The hilarious commentary a young child makes while watching bears destroy their pool toys will make you laugh out loud.

As any mother would do on a severely hot day, one lady bear took her five cubs out for a swim. No, she didn’t take them to a lake, river or stream but to a New Jersey family’s backyard garden pool.

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Luckily, the human family was not outside or using the pool when the bears approached it and they were able to capture the hilarious moment on video from the safety of their home.

In the video you can hear a small child yell very disapprovingly, “They took my floaty!” as the mother bear begins to chew it and throw it off the edge of the pool. The human mother can be heard saying, “Hey Mrs. Bear, that was expensive!”

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I’m sure this random episode made for an eventful morning and an interesting conversation with their pool maintenance person. 

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