Fan Invited Onto Arsenal Team Bus After Running Alongside It For 5 Miles (VIDEO)

How can you meet your favorite Soccer team? Here are a few tips:

How can you meet your favorite Soccer team? Here are a few tips:
1. Wait for them to go on a preseason tour.
2. Then pray that you see their team bus on a street sometime.
3. Run after it.
4. Keep running.
5. Keep running and feel happy as soccer players are pretty cool, they’ll notice you and cheer for you as well.
6. Don’t stop, if you want to meet all of them.
7. And then, they’ll invite you in the bus.

Simple, wasn’t it? Well, it was not… you seriously need to have that passion, that patience, that stamina and not to forget that perfect ‘six pack’ that this Vietnamese young guy had in the video above.

The video was posted on Arsenal’s website. The team is on a preseason tour of Asia. They encountered a very determined young fan in Vietnam who ran alongside their team bus for ‘about five miles,’ according to goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny.

You can see the players cheering in the video "Sign him up, sign him up" as he’s running alongside their vehicle.

He was invited aboard for photographs with the Arsenal squad and he also quickly took off his shirt to get it signed.

His strength and stamina is obvious from his physique but his passion to meet these guys, was simply extraordinary.

"It should be a message for all of you guys that if you really want to pursue your dreams, it can happen,"said goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny.

Would you ever do that if you see your favorite soccer team in their van on the street?

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